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“You were born a beauty. But so many people have taken such a beating in life—emotionally, physically, mentally—that we no longer feel adequate, let alone beautiful! Entrust yourself to Debbie. I have and I’m being set free. She will help you reclaim the unrepeatable, irrepressible delight that you were born to be.” — Kristine M. Smith, Author, Tacoma WA

If you’re among the many that have suffered “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” and now feel insignificant, timid, sad, ugly (inside or out), or angry, here’s what Debbie knows for sure: “You’re still here, and everything you arrived with as a newborn bundle of awesomeness is still inside you. The beauty you were born to express simply hasn’t been freed to take flight. At an early age, or later on, someone dashed your self-esteem and then ground it into the dirt with their heels. Maybe you even helped them do it, figuring they must be right about you, as well as they knew you.”

It’s time for the phoenix to rise, time for you to soar

There are many ways to reclaim your beauty and your sparkle. All must begin inside you, though. Unless and until you feel truly worthwhile and beautiful—heard, understood and celebrated for the essential YOU who survived—putting on nice clothes and makeup won’t be enough. You can’t “fake it ‘til you make it”. What happens to you next has to bring true revitalization.

We aren’t suggesting years of expensive psychotherapy. We’re suggesting a few sessions a month for several months* of
deep, gentle whole-body relaxation and realignment.
Cranio-sacral therapy (CST) is a safe place to surrender
and relax while looking back (when you’re ready)
on what has been holding you hostage, guided by
an expert who will help restore your emotional
and physical balance to bring you back to the
essential, peaceful, rested, glowing individual
you want to be so your beauty can radiate naturally.

Find out more about cranio-sacral therapy and your guide,
Debbie, on the About page. Her story has been familiar to
many others who have benefitted from CST.  We know you’ll
discover that Debbie can help you in ways you cannot even fathom right now. The result will feel like some kind of unexplainable magic, but you should thrive as a direct result, sooner than you can imagine. Let Debbie help you shine!


* CST may take longer, especially if the amount of trauma you’ve experienced was significant or chronic.