I began my journey to health by learning about skin care and waxing and becoming an aesthetician. Then I started using G.M. Collin skin care products in my facials and waxing. These products were started by a doctor who worked with burn victims and contain collagen. He developed the skin care line after discovering how well it worked for his patients, and they’re amazing.

I needed to do more, learn more, so I went to massage school to learn how to help people even more. While going through this process I saw an ad about Cranial Sacral therapy: it spoke directly to me because it addressed the feeling of wanting to help without knowing how to help. I learned Cranial Sacral therapy so I could help people resolve problems by finding out where the problem was in the body.

Most recently I decided to learn hair styling. I’m having so much fun creating the best haircut and color for people, and seeing the results.

I love taking walks with my daughter’s dog and being outside and enjoying life. I also love playing tennis (although I’m not very good at it!).

Aesthetics       2003

Licensed Massage Therapist   2007

Certified Cranio-sacral Therapist  2010

Certified Birth work  ( Working on babies)