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CST practitioners work with the central nervous system, its supporting structures, and your cerebral spinal fluid to discern where there are "log jams" inside your body that cause your organs and other structures to receive less of what they need to work properly. Your therapist will use gentle contact to feel how the structures are moving and whether they're relating optimally with each other. CST happens on a massage table. You are fully clothed. Usually just your feet, back, shoulders and head are touched. The practitioner's touch helps your body promote its inherent health.

Reconnecting with what your body is holding onto (trauma, dysfunction, post-surgical healing, etc.) and emotionally releasing it allows profound healing to take place.


Waxing - Facials - Exercise


Wardrobe: I can help you look your best every day!
Skin care: Take care of one of your most precious resources!
Makeup: Let's bring out your natural beauty with the right makeup!
Diet/Nutrition: Nutrition is one of the most important things in keeping your body beautiful.
Exercise: The proven way to help you look and feel great!
Other services include: Full body waxing, Anti-aging/feel good facials, and more!

Craniosacral Therapy

William Garner Sutherland, DO was the person who first discovered and described the craniosacral motion.

Dr. Sutherland discovered that the production and distribution of cerebrospinal fluid created a fluid driven system at our very core - our central nervous system.

Cranio-sacral therapy is about whole body wellness. Its about the body working together as a whole.


Hair Styling

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Theodore E.

Although I am often skeptical of unfamiliar therapies, I had an opportunity to try something new: Cranio-Sacral Therapy. My Therapist, Debbie, is very professinal, informative, and calmly talked me through the procedure. I have several lumbar fusions, damaged cervical vertebrae, and numerous other injuries due to a long career as a professional Firefighter and Marine officer. Chronic pain is very real to me. Imagine my surprise when, after a few visits, I was nearly pain free, and had neck flexibility I had not had in years! Before this therapy, I was a frequent visitor to my Chiropractor and Doctor's offices, which usually resulted in temporary relief through adjustments and pain medications. Now I rely primarily on Cranio-Sacral Massage for pain relief.

Sandy E.

I have been living with vertigo for awhile now and then I was told about Craniosacral Therapy - and it worked! I have been having regular sessions of Craniosacral Therapy and now I walk straight. I have a life again.

Penny A.

I was suffering with the onset of paralysis and I could hardly talk. I knew I could not lay on my back as I usually do in my cranio-sacral session. So I was able to lie on my side. Debbie worked on my nervous system and I was able to relax enough to have my hands change from being stiff and I couldn't move them to having them relaxed and be comfortable. I could talk again easily at the end of the session. I am so grateful for cranio-sacral therapy. (Debbie is awesome.)

Before the session was over I was able to lie on my back again.

Cindy G.

I had a big event come up in my life that resulted in vertigo (my bedroom was spinning). I thought: "I will go see my Craniosacral therapist," and with just two visits I was back on my feet.

Rebecca H.

I haven't felt this good in 10 years.

Judson F.

I always feel better after cranial sacral therapy.

Linda R.

I had a cranio-sacral therapy session and it was not what I expected. I thought that the practitioner was just going to touch my head and that's it...it was so much more than I thought it would be. It was wonderful and I feel hopeful now!

Jeremy C.

Cranial sacral is phenomenal!

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