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Craniosacral Therapy

1 hr 15 min   $75
1 hr 30 min   $95

William Garner Sutherland, DO was the person who first discovered and described the craniosacral motion.

Dr. Sutherland discovered that the production and distribution of cerebrospinal fluid created a fluid driven system at our very core - our central nervous system.

Cranio-sacral therapy is about whole body wellness. Its about the body working together as a whole.


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Theodore E.

Although I am often skeptical of unfamiliar therapies, I had an opportunity to try something new: Cranio-Sacral Therapy. My Therapist, Debbie, is very professinal, informative, and calmly talked me through the procedure. I have several lumbar fusions, damaged cervical vertebrae, and numerous other injuries due to a long career as a professional Firefighter and Marine officer. Chronic pain is very real to me. Imagine my surprise when, after a few visits, I was nearly pain free, and had neck flexibility I had not had in years! Before this therapy, I was a frequent visitor to my Chiropractor and Doctor's offices, which usually resulted in temporary relief through adjustments and pain medications. Now I rely primarily on Cranio-Sacral Massage for pain relief.

Sandy E.

I have been living with vertigo for awhile now and then I was told about Craniosacral Therapy - and it worked! I have been having regular sessions of Craniosacral Therapy and now I walk straight. I have a life again.

Penny A.

I was suffering with the onset of paralysis and I could hardly talk. I knew I could not lay on my back as I usually do in my cranio-sacral session. So I was able to lie on my side. Debbie worked on my nervous system and I was able to relax enough to have my hands change from being stiff and I couldn't move them to having them relaxed and be comfortable. I could talk again easily at the end of the session. I am so grateful for cranio-sacral therapy. (Debbie is awesome.)

Before the session was over I was able to lie on my back again.

Cindy G.

I had a big event come up in my life that resulted in vertigo (my bedroom was spinning). I thought: "I will go see my Craniosacral therapist," and with just two visits I was back on my feet.

Rebecca H.

I haven't felt this good in 10 years.

Judson F.

I always feel better after cranial sacral therapy.

Linda R.

I had a cranio-sacral therapy session and it was not what I expected. I thought that the practitioner was just going to touch my head and that's was so much more than I thought it would be. It was wonderful and I feel hopeful now!

Jeremy C.

Cranial sacral is phenomenal!

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